OKNA Gallery is pleased to present DESCANÇAÇO, a solo show by Vinicius Lopes.
Opening Thursday, June 15th from 7pm.
Curated by Radu Stīclå.

According to Vinicius Lopes, painting, literature and investigation are all transformative materials and gestures that allow him to embody real and mythological dialogues, extrapolating the field of folklore.

In this condensed series, the artworks encapsulate a variety of themes found in Brazilian folklore, such as transformation, cultural diversity, supernatural beings, and the interplay between nature and humanity. The elements and characters from Mário de Andrade’s Macunaíma, including the powerful Muiraquitã stone, the mischievous yet endearing anti-hero Macunaíma himself, are meticulously portrayed, allowing us to connect with their mythical presence and reflect on their enduring significance.

Just as Macunaíma himself is a complex character who embodies the essence of Brazil’s cultural diversity, the exhibition seeks to explore the multifaceted layers of Brazilian folklore and its impact on contemporary art. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of characters, stories, and themes presented in the novel, the artists delve into the interplay between real and mythological dialogues, creating a visual dialogue that bridges the gap between past and present.

Each painting in this exhibition embodies the spirit of Macunaíma, capturing the essence of transformation, cultural identity, and the intricate relationship between humanity and the supernatural. The artists skillfully employ a range of techniques and styles, from vibrant colors and surrealistic elements to intricate details and symbolic imagery, to convey the depth and complexity of the novel’s themes.

Through their artistic interpretation, the exhibition brings Macunaíma’s world to life, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm where reality and myth coexist harmoniously. By exploring the characters and stories of Brazilian folklore, the exhibition not only pays homage to Mário de Andrade’s literary masterpiece but also celebrates the enduring power of folklore in shaping cultural heritage.