June 19th – 27th 2021 Opening: June 19th, 6pm
Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27

“Our installation is inspired by the ocean: its wild nature, the ebbing and flowing of emotions that moves people. From chaotic and aggressive, drifting between wavy and rough, and flat and calm water surfaces. It aims to share the energy and variability emanating from this enormous body of water.

Flooded by the waves, listening and observing inform the representation of the ocean. The installation invites for sensorial exploration, the reminiscence of an adventure with this wild element.”

  • Olga Wardęga, Christoph Zeckel


Olga Wardega studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. She experiences painting through different media such as installation, video, video-mapping projections, drawing inspiration from nature, trying to bring people closer to it. She participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, etc.

Christoph Zeckel is a german/malasian musician and sound artist based in Porto. Seeing sound as a playground and a field of exploration through analog and acoustic sounds, his work creates immersive sound experiences that aim for a shared emotional bridge. 

For the last years he has presented his work in concerts, installations and interactive workshops in various venues and events as Qualquer Galeria, Division Zero, Candelabro, Open Box, Espaço Musas, Zona Autonomia among others.

Visiting hours:
Tuesday – Sunday, 18:00 – 20:00
Free entry

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