02 – 12 JUN 2022


UNFINISHED is an exhibition showcasing artistic projects that for various reasons didn’t reach completion stage, despite the artist’s intent, attempts, effort and time invested.

The purpose of the exhibition is not so much to give a thorough analysis of the reasons behind the reluctance to finish, but to create a space for sharing the (un)pleasant and vulnerable state of being stuck, in the hope for a transformative experience of community for both the participating artists and the visitors.

However we do think that reflection and contemplation on the phenomenon of the “unfinished” in artistic practice are inevitable secondary results.

Telma Araújo – @telmaaraaujo_
A.Bran – @a.bran_
Rute Garcia – @paraisofiscal__
Inês Manuel – @maisumaines
Megan – @megansharkeytextiles
Kalin Mihov – @sharo.kalin
Vijay Patel – @portomeerkat
Beatriz Prazeres – @beaaafixeee
Andreea Rechitean – @why_do_tadpoles_become_frogs
Luīze Rukšāne – @luize.ruksane
Leonie Viola – @leonievjanssen
Juna Wesley – @juna_wes

Curation/Selection Jury:
Agota Szk – @agotaeklektika
Rita Marinho – @mtricos
Andrei Alecsandru – @alecsandru.a.p