Silvia Vieira – “Spirit of Place”
Portugal and Romania – Intercultural Mirror – Immaterial Heritage
Photography Exhibition
18.05 — 03.06 2019

What can a certain place say to the viewer about itself, through an image, visual or sensorial perception?

The natural features can define a space, the history of a place interferes with the behavioural structure, the natives of this space adapting, but maintaining all the needs of a human being. They work, they procreate, they have beliefs, they socialize and practice idleness. The daily life of the people defines the immateriality of a place, altering it, alongside with its nature.

When we know where we are, the mental associates with space, a so-called “Spirit of Place”, answering the described factors. But what if we are not aware of our location?

The invitation to observe the images on display is not a dynamic of differentiation or comparison, but rather a reflection, a consideration that becomes sensorial, of two distinct countries that nevertheless contain essence and homogeneity in their immateriality.

This exhibition is brought to OKNA – Espaço Cultural by Instituto Camões Romania and the Portuguese Embassy in Bucharest.