Русский Чай (Russkiy Chay) is a cycle of non-formal Russian language lessons hosted by OKNA.
During the meetings students will be able to learn the structure of the Russian language, its introductory grammar and vocabulary. No previous knowledge of Russian is required.

Using an engaging, conversation-based method, the host will equip the students with mnemonic devices, linguistic skills and original tools usually absent in traditional language classes. No memorising, no writing, no drills.

Apart from speaking, the participants will also be able to get familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet as well as various cultural keywords that express concepts unique to the Russian language.

In Russian…

● There’s a separate word for “laugh” (хохотать) that can only be positive and never bad-natured or sarcastic.
● There are words for “light blue” (голубой) and “dark blue” (синий) but no word for just “blue”.
● there’s “truth” (правда), an “absolute, hidden truth” (истина) and the truest “truth-mother” (правда-матушка).

The event will be hosted by Wiktor Złotnicki, Russian philologist and multi-language teacher.

Schedule: 01 Oct – 02 Nov 2021 (every Tuesday and Friday, from 19:00)
The cycle will consist of 10 meetings, 1 hour each.
Discussion in English.

Participation fee: 10€/session OR 80€/10sessions pack
50% discount for OKNA members ● learn more about the OKNA MEMBERSHIP