OKNA invites you to special workshops!

Rendez-vous with monotype is an unusual experience during which you can create your unique prints, experimenting with various materials. While drawing the face of your partner you will observe his/her anatomy and expressions. You will get to know the other person from a different perspective, more intimately and thoroughly.

Monotype is a technique that combines elements from graphics and painting. It is the freest print-making technique. The prints never look the same – there is just one printout of each matrix! Workshops include drawing, painting, and printing exercises.

Two people can participate in the event at the same time. You are encouraged to sign up alone, leaving the choice of a partner to fate. You can sign up as a couple as well.

All workshops are in English, led by Olga Wardęga – a visual artist from Poland.

Where: OKNA – Espaço Cultural, R. Igreja de Cedofeita 27, Porto, Portugal

Duration: 1.5h

Time slots: 09/10/11th of March 2023, 18.30p.m – 20.00p.m

Price: 25 euros per person


fill the form here or registrate under info@okna.pt. Please include a date with an hour you want to participate.

Artist leading: @evvivalarty

Bring clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty. You can take a mask to protect yourself from a turpentine smell.