“Behind a Book” is an exhibition of original drawings of two books that the Latvian artist Rebeka Lukošus illustrated while living in Porto for half year.

The poetry book “Dilles tante” written by the Latvian poet Kārlis Vērdiņš, published by Liels un mazs, 2018, tells about a very passionate poet who unfortunately couldn’t find anyone who would like to listen to her poems. Even the mail lady and aliens ran away when she starts to read them. But the situation changed after she gets arrested…
“Oops” is a surreal comic book about a girl with six hands, about boredom, sunbathing and eating oranges. Soon to be published by Kuš! Komiksi in their mini Kuš! series.

“I believe that my way in illustration started from one sketch of a park in Porto that I drew four years ago. It became inspiration for the first book I illustrated. Back then I promised myself to return to Portugal and here I am. Yay. I love how colorful Porto is, the crazy color combinations of neighbor houses. I’m sure if all my drawn characters would decide to move to one city it would be Porto.
Creating characters is my favorite part of illustrating books. Sometimes I come up with the story based just on one character. It happened also with the six handed girl from Oops. I just drew her over and over again in different situations and environments and the story appeared by itself.” – says the artist.

Come to listen about the inspiration and creative process of Rebeka and dive into the storytelling of book illustrations of this fascinating young artist.