While being confronted by the ongoing shelling of Russian missiles, Ukrainians are in constant debate about what the post-war future will bring. How will society transform, considering the economic crisis, societal struggles and the urgency for reconstruction? In what ways can art facilitate the recovery of the war effects? And what can we say about the prospects of the Ukrainian future? 

In response to the devastating Russian invasion of Ukraine, OKNA Cultural Association invites Ukrainian artists to contribute to a DIY zine, aiming to represent the diverse local art scene, reveal the impact of oppressive patriarchal violent systems, and reflect on the potentials of the Ukrainian post-war futures.

This zine is an attempt to provide a platform to speak out and share your personal visions, ideas, insights on the future in Ukraine. We welcome everybody, who believes in this zine as a safe space, acknowledges the importance of care, equality and respect toward other and embraces it in her/his artistic practice. Whether you are an emerging artist or a professional researcher, don’t hesitate to participate. 

*Mokosh (Old East Slavic: Мóкош) is the only primordial goddess in Slavic Mythology. Defined as a Moist Mother Earth, she is a creator, the Goddess of Fate and destiny. Symbolizing fertility, femininity, prosperity, health, good luck, abundance, and a successful future, Mokosh is a warrior, protecting communities and ones in need. 


We are welcoming submissions of any form or discipline. A photo, a letter, a drawing, a painting, a manifesto, a poem, a sound piece, a recipe, a video clip – anything works. The idea is to assign one spread per artist, that’s why we encourage you to submit up to 2 works.

Technical requirements:
– for images: JPG, TIFF, or PDF in a resolution suitable for printing (300 ppi)
– for text: document in PDF, DOC or DOCX
– for video/music/sound:  1) a link to your work; 2) the still from the video/cover for your sound piece if it has one. The plan is to create QR codes for these pieces which will be printed in the zine.

Along with your submission feel free to include a few words (up to 300 characters) about you and your work. It will be included in printed publication and might be uploaded to our social media pages along with your artworks.

The zine will be produced in A5 black and white format, representing the works of 20 artists. It will be printed in 50 copies and will be available for purchase in OKNa Cultural Association. Once we get the printed copies, there will be a presentation of the zine organized in OKNa gallery space. 

Application deadline: November 6th, 2022
Submit here: