Mīt [Meet] by Ella Mežule
Fri, 25.02 & Sat, 26.02 2022 | 18.00 – 23.00

The silent book Mīt [meet] is an autobiographical visual poem about a trip by bicycle – preparing for it and experiencing it with a slight touch of magical realism.

“In the long run, pedalling becomes monotonous and meditative without losing speed. Meeting the other person and yourself in silence, spending time side by side, is very similar.

The need to share this experience arose from observing the vastness of space and perception, around and within that opens up when one moves a little further away from the self know in daily life.”

“My background is rooted in Fine art – I hold a MA degree obtained as a painter. I did my studies in Latvia, Ireland, and Italy.
For the last couple of years, I have been working as a freelance illustrator for a variety of projects like cover illustrations and designs for music albums, posters, infographics, book illustrations, editorials, murals, illustrations for animation style, and much more, blurring the line between physical reality and inner space.” – Ella Mežule ( https://ellamezule.com )