Simona Rukuižaitė

11.01 – 30.01 2021
Opening January 11 2021


Objects which are relevant to my artistic practice accommodate memories. The patina of time has already covered their surface – through processes of weathering they gained layers which mark cycles of growth.

The process of collecting materials is a selective one: they relate to an aesthetic approach in terms of colour, texture and emotional connection with their surroundings. Gathered materials become artifacts of the past; they expose layers of certain memories and meanings which unfold when they no longer serve their purpose.

The parallel between an object bearing marks of decay and natural matter is connected to memory; though the former one is directly related to anthropological intervention. And while the earth itself is a holder of memory, recalling its own past through its stratigraphic layering, the same can be said about things that were once made by hand. They bear marks of human touch – a memory of metamorphosis from natural matter to functional objects. The loss of functionality, once prescribed to it, on one hand, creates an aura of abandonment; although I see such an object as a raw material with a creative potential.

#ArtistInResidence Simona Rukuižaitė is a visual artist born and based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Graduated BA and MA degrees in Monumental Arts (fresco and mosaic) in Vilnius Academy of Arts. She works with experimental painting and mosaic techniques which often gains a form of an installation – focusing on search for an interdisciplinary expression while playing with aspects of materiality. Since August 2020, Simona joined OKNA as Artist-In-Residence, becoming part of a team of CEE artists focusing on urban placemaking, through individual or joint projects.


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