MEET THE POET: Petr Borkovec
Mon, June 07 | 18:00h | OKNA
Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27, Porto

OKNA welcomes the Czech poet Petr Borkovec for a talk about poetry and literature, but also to explore his works in Czech and Portuguese.

Petr Borkovec is a poet, prose writer and translator, with poems translated into many European languages. His poetry has been awarded the Czech Jiří Orten prize and the German Hubert-Burda-Preis and Norbert-C.-Kaser-Preis prizes.

In Prague, he runs the literary café Fra, where he organizes live readings by authors, nowadays recording and streaming them online. He likes to read poems: “When an author reads, he gives an interpretation to his work. I don’t mind expressing intimacy in public. It’s probably because my texts seem very intimate, but they’re not. It’s literature.”

Free entry. / Limited seating.