Karolína Voleská, Tomáš Kurečka

01.08 – 15.08 2020
Exhibition opening:
August 01, 7pm

We find ourselves on a stage in a fantastic garden, which holds fragmented remains of an ancient novel “About a rose”, dragged into the present world.

The allegory’s material impressions characterize a human amoral gaze into the open space from a half open crate. The faces watch stories of possible love from these times. Under their shiny surface, they’re hiding their incalculability blurred in between the wrinkles of uncertain mimics.The desire for knowledge is high again. Idealistic and dreamy sceneries surrounding springs entice not only realisation, but also unfortunate lures. The water surface invites one to see their reflection, possibly catching sight of another missing allegory.

Karolína Voleská (CZ *1996) is currently  studying at the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem, Czechia at the studio of Jiří Kovanda. She is focused mainly on performance art connecting the principles of contemporary dance language, on material works like objects, installations and space dealing with body reference, physical and emotional nudity.

Tomáš Kurečka (CZ *1994) is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czechia. His work combines various media exploring the close relationship between history and its aesthetics, which he uses or transforms for his current message.

In their joint projects they use different means of expression combined into one complex whole. A key element of such installations is the environment, which draws the viewer into the situation through individual artifacts and its visual appearance connected to fashion and design. The duo approaches topics such as identity, corporeality and hopelessness of archetypes.

Date: August 01 –  August 15 (Monday – Saturday, 14.00 – 20.00)
Address: Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27, Porto
COVID-19 Safety Measures: Limited access. / Masks must be used indoors. / 2 meters social distancing.