Indeterminate States 01 takes place as a pop-up exhibition, presenting the results of a spontaneous cyanotype workshop held in OKNA.
The artists explored themes inspired by nature, in a process that contradicts the use and creation of digital images. Rather, by discovering a historic photographic technique, they translated the behaviour of shadows and imprints in own, particular ways.
The process took place in between intention and lack of expectation, experimenting with natural elements, tactile surfaces and transparencies. By altering and overlapping its results, the workshop can be considered an on-going exercise of discovery.
Ela Bogucka
Pedro Carapeto
Miguel Lima
Andrei Alecsandru Pantea
Vijay Patel
Maria Pathé
Simona Rukuižaitė
Olga Wardęga
October 18th, 16:00 – 20:00
Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27, Porto
The pop-up exhibit will be placed in the entry room, open to visits until November 1st.
Free Entry
COVID-19 Safety Measures: Limit of 10 visitors at one time / Masks must be used indoors. / 2 meters social distancing.