Mostra #3
Hrvoslava Brkusic, Croatia, 2018, experimental, 12′

The starting point for this work were the slides found at Zora Film, a company that produced educational films in the 1950s. Intended to be used as visual tools during geography classes, these images were taken in different parts of the world.

However, the author choses to work with only one motif – that of the mountains. By using complex post-production methods, which include digital and analogue technologies, the photographs on the slides come to life, transforming themselves in moving images. The mountains seem to grow more and more distant, and cease to look real. The film turns into an psychogeographical journey, that leads the viewer into various, sometimes intense inner states.

Hrvoslava Brkusic (1982) holds a master degree in film and TV editing (Academy of drama arts Zagreb) and a master degree in new media art (Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb). Her artistic practice take shape in the variety of media – sound installations, live performances, film and video.


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