Friday, September 24 2021, 6pm – 10 pm

“experiences” – live interactive instalation by NINANIÑA & Dr. Santo
short, fleeting, imperceptible, like a blank space in the middle of a poem.
they appear as if they don’t want to be seen, perceived or lived.
short moments of intense meaning, when apparently unrelated things just make sense.
u are so fucking precious when u occur.
epiphanies, episodes of serendipity, the result of our internal mental algorithms we call intuition.
welcome to the place of our memories, whose cinematic value will be re-enacted through the superposition of images and sound, triggered by the spectator interaction with the installation’s environment.
About the artists:
NINANIÑA (Andreea-Cristina Mircea) is an interdisciplinary artist and foremost a storyteller, focusing on the relationship between sound art and interactive technologies. With work experience in sound-design, staging, concept writing, Andreea-Cristina is experimenting the use of new media art for creating alternative narratives.
Dr. Santo (César Lugo-Elías) is an Mexican artist and researcher based in Porto. His interests are the subjectivities of technology and the spaces of consumption of electronic music.
Coordinated by Cristina Pop-Tiron – intermedia artist and a Ph.D. candidate in Theater and Performing Arts, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.