:encontro (encounter) is an initiative aimed to strengthening the artistic connections between Portugal and Eastern Europe. Presenting a series of collaborative exhibitions from all medias with the purpose of building, communicating and understanding the dimension of collaborative arts and culture. OKNA – Espaço Cultural invites artists to meet, share and gain experience, while the public is invited to discover unexpected dual connections between Portugal and what is to be the New East.

GOLLUM (Portugal)
Gollum is a fake character. This artistic persona shows his relationship with collage as a complement with graphic design. Gollum, was born from the attempt to create an imaginary world full of surrealistic things. Through this world, he presents us his perspective about different issues. Since 2015, this persona and his work are in constant mutation.

HUES – Miruna Boari (Romania)
The exhibition proposes a journey through time, places and emotions taken out of the inert sensitivity of the “black and white” and animated by insertions of acrylic color . “Hues” is not just an expression of the color variety, but also a diversity of symbols generated by this arts combination and of emotional states created to the viewers.