Olfactory Illustration Exhibition
Concept and Illustration: Eglė Plytnikaitė
Scents: Viktorija Lukševičiūtė
Opening: 02OCT 2019 – 5pm

As times change old holidays and rituals are loosing meaning and relevance they used to have. Instead of bringing joy and peace of mind they are turning into a pressure to buy things we don’t need and meet people we sometimes don’t even like.
Loosing contact with practices that are mainly connected with past lifestyle is natural and inevitable and yet it kept opening bigger and bigger emptiness inside me.
I desperately lacked traditions and celebrations that would be meaningful to me and help me feel grounded and rooted by giving structure as well as habits. That’s how I decided to create my own rituals or give new meanings to the old ones that were practiced in Lithuania centuries ago. I took inspiration from an old Baltic calendar and archaic traditions that are still relevant today and invited my friends and family to join me. I hope this experiment of mine will inspire you to stop for a moment and create your own rituals that are unique and significant to you today.
Each of the illustrations represents a particular time of the year and has a ritual attached to it. To tell a fuller story of the yearly cycle I collaborated with my dear friend and olfactory artist Viktorija who helped me to create four scents that represent constantly changing nature of Lithuania. We both kindly invite you to enjoy a journey through our year.