Petra Mikolasova
21.12 — 30.12 2020


“Dear friends,

When we met, we were young, spending time together we had some special moments in our lives, sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was hard. And then, we caught our trains and started living in another time. I am writing a letter to the deep blue sea, telling my thoughts and wondering how are you doing, where have you been.”

Communication is understanding each other, an attempt to interact and connect with one another. In order to achieve this, we go through the process of learning languages, from formal to informal, strengthening these specific connections. With the gift of language we are finding our place in the world and we are getting to know our inner-self. Language and dialogue are tools used to explore one’s own thoughts or feelings.

I am writing letters to something way beyond us. I am talking to myself, trying to reach the primordial time, odes to certain periods in our lives we have been owing to beautiful people surrounding us.


#ArtistInResidence Petra Mikolášová (CZ) is exploring the uncertainty and instability in dealing with personal experiences, the struggles of fear within the creation process and definition of what is earnest content.

“I think it is crucial for me to tell a story. I deal with banalities, trying to search for some humanism. By writing down or drawing my ideas, I have been enjoying making errors and possibly transforming my ideas into something more concrete. From a certain point I start creating text-based artefacts or objects.”

During the residency, Petra will continue with her personal writings, focusing on the physical aspect and interpretation, from text to material objects. “I plan to switch paper for wood or wax, or some other “warm” material. Inner coherence of texts is still important for me, but I am wandering of slowing down the process of writing.”