Collective Care
24 – 27 OCT 2021 | Opening: 24 Oct, 5pm – 10pm

We are living in destabilising times. Increasing social inequalities and insecurities, especially due to the current global pandemic, leading to continuous unpredictability. The uncertainty resulting from these events has had a huge impact on cultural happenings all over the world. De Liceiras18 therefore dedicates its upcoming exhibition at OKNA to the collectiveness that connects and strengthens the creative scenes in our societies. The current residents coming from 7 different countries are exploring multiple medias in order to amplify the importance of togetherness these days. Collective Care,this month’s Open Studio, will take place at OKNA, gathering works of the DL18 residents:

Xava Mikosch
Tyna Ontko
Nez Pez
Josh True
Josephine Gerhardt
Elena Štrok
Bára Růžičková
Barbora Demovičová