OKNA Artist-Talks are a unique opportunity to meet our 2020 artists in residence.

During this open-studio event, Simona Rukuižaitė will present a personal approach to traditional pigment making methods from a contemporary perspective; insights on the importance of the selection process of the materials and their physical and conceptual metamorphoses.

“In the creative process, which often remains beyond the visible surface of the artwork, lies a story of how the materials were sorted and how they discovered their places in the artist’s studio. This certain order can give the viewer a deeper understanding of the process, which, for me, often becomes more valuable than the final result.

We live in an age when industrial materials and synthetic substitutes predominate in many areas, or in other words, materials are already prepared for individual use. Stretched and primed canvases and neatly bristled brushes are looking at us from the shelves of art supply stores. These ready-to-use tools have made me consider the materials I use instead of them – raw organic matter and objects found in the urban environment.

My creative practice is based on creating a close relationship with materials, their selection process and storytelling, which arises from intertwining the story of the object together with my own personal insights. “

Simona Rukuižaitė is a visual artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania (b. 1994). She graduated BA and MFA degrees in Monumental Arts (fresco and mosaic) in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Current Artist-in-Residence in OKNA.

COVID-19 Safety Measures: Limited to 5 visitors at one time / Masks must be used indoors. / social distancing.

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