The workshop proposes a quick incursion into experimental image transfer and printing techniques, without using the printmaking press. The approach is shifting the perspective over traditional techniques, with the objective of experimenting while applying the subtractive and additive methods (using water based and oil based inks). The 2-days workshop offers the possibility of including transferred digital images, with the aim of bringing together diverse mediums and enhancing the visual quality of its results.

Requirements for participants:

There is no previous knowledge needed in regards to printmaking techniques, although each participant is required to use their own source material / visual vocabulary for the workshop.
Each attendee should bring paint brushes, and, eventually, sketches of the work they will develop.

Supplies included:
Watercolours, oil based inks, printmaking paper, PVC plates (A4 format, emulsion treated), spatulas, paper towels, additional instruments for drawing.


1st day: introduction to techniques, incursion into manners of working and exemplifying. During the first day, there will be discussions of the approaches of each participant. 17:30-20:30, 31st of October
2nd day: practical approach to the techniques, systematic development of each participant proposal. 12:00-19:00, 1st of November

Workshop coordinator: Andrei Alecsandru Pantea, visual artist
Participation fee: 25 €
Discussion in English


COVID-19 Safety Measures:
Open to a maximum of 10 participants.
Workshop participants can arrive 15 minutes before the sessions.
The room layout will be arranged to best support social distancing.
All participants and OKNA staff must wear a face mask throughout the workshop, maintaining social distancing.