Mostra #5
STORYLINE (Linhas de Tempo)
Alžběta Kovandová | CZ | 2017 | experimental | 4’33’’

An interplay of horizontal and vertical lines, as well as other types of lines, found in in the public space, evokes a lyrical narrative combining them into a visual continuity in one image. Among found objects, events, and spaces, new relationships and continuations are created. Shot on 35mm film.

OKNA reopens its gallery by exhibiting a single artwork of contemporary visual art at a time. The showcases invite the visitors to discover and take interest in the works of emerging artists from East Europe and its contemporary art on the whole.

THU – SAT (18:00 – 20:00)
Gallery maximum limit: 4 visitors.
Masks must be used indoors.
2 meters social distancing.